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Vito LaBella for New York

Vito LaBella 維樂培
for NY State Senate 

Help me win NYS District 26

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Believe in Brooklyn,
Believe in Vito LaBella

Born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Vito LaBella has served the community as an NYPD officer and education advocate, retiring from law enforcement in 2017 after 32 exemplary years on the force. As a former lieutenant, 9/11 first responder, and proud dad of two sons and a daughter in a multi-generational head of household that includes his wife and mother along with his two dogs, he believes we need to keep fighting for our community. He continues to believe in our city and state as a place for families and their children to plant roots and thrive.


7711 Ridge Blvd, Brooklyn,

NY 11209


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