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Whether it’s running a PTA, leading protesters over the Brooklyn Bridge or advocating for legislation in Albany, I became involved because someone asked me to help. This Senate campaign is no different.

Name, Title

Meet Vito 

Vito was born and raised in Bay Ridge, was an NYPD Officer for 32 years, and is a 9/11 First Responder. He has a long record of public service and dedication to the community, which began in high school when he spent the summer working with children with disabilities. Out of college, Vito worked as an actor in Off-Off Broadway theaters throughout the city, including the Gallery Players in Park Slope. He used both his police and acting skills to help develop programs to address diversity issues in a confidential manner for public companies and government agencies. (Including a large NYS police agency and a major corporation.) In 2017 Vito retired to take an active role in his children's education.


He became PTA president at the Christa McAuliffe Middle school and he co-founded PLACE NYC as well as being  a twice-elected parent representative on the District 20 Community Education Council. He and his wife, Kim have raised all three of their children next door from the house where he grew up. They all attended public schools in Dyker Heights and Fort Greene, both within the confines of District 26.

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